July 10th, 2014: Mini Haul!

Couldn't find these online. :/

(Not exact but extremely similar.)

Today I didn't have much to do so I decided to go thrifting as well as hit up Target, Hamrick's, and New York and Company! I didn't find much but I'm happy with the things I did find! For thrifting I went to a local Value Village and decided to pick up some boys Levi's to cut up and turn into high-waisted shorts. (What else???!!) From New York and Company I picked up this set of bangles that were $19.95 which is kind of pricey but hopefully these will not tarnish like Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 jewelry. From Target I just picked up some DUO lash glue because I lost mine unfortunately as well as some lashes. Lastly, I went to Hamrick's and picked up these super interesting sunglasses that were super similar to a designer pair I saw not to long ago for a fraction of the price!


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